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Application Form for Validation or Verification and Certification

Date:2018/9/19 11:17:35

Column:Validation and Verification on GHG Emission Reductions

Application Form for Validation or Verification and Certification




Project Title 项目名称                                                     

Services needed需要的服务                                                                                                                                            

Type of ERs (CER, VCS VER, GS CER, GS VER etc.) 减排量类型                         

Registration No. (if applicable)注册编号                                                                    

Period of verification (1st, 2nd etc.) (if applicable)第几次核查                                    

Contract period and the liability conditions: Detailed in Contract   合同期限责任条件详见合同

Name of Application Entity申请机构名称                                                                    

Contact Person 联系人                                                                                              

Tel 电话                           E-mail电子邮箱                      

Contact information of project manager项目经理联系信息方式                                 

Please read the information as followed before the formal application:


The operation guidelines of CEC; CEC的运作方针

The list of sectoral scope approved; CEC已获批准的专业领域

The detailed description and correlated requests on validation or verification and certification activities; 审定或核查核证活动的详细描述和相关要求

CEC Impartiality Statement & Declaration of Legal Responsibilities (including CEC’s related body); CEC公正性承诺和法律责任声明(含CEC相关机构)

The information on procedure for handling complaints, disputes and appeals; 处理申诉、投诉和争议的程序

The further information requested by the applicant. 申请者要求的进一步信息


Note: Information above could be obtained from the website of CEC (, or contact us directly. 



Telephone: 86-10 84351835             Fax: 86-10 84351842


Statement 声明

The applicant entity should be a legal entity;


All of the provided material and data should be accurate and traceable, the applicant entity shall be responsible for the credibility of the provided information; 提供的所有资料及数据必须准确且有据可查,申请实体需要对其提供信息的正确性负责;

The applicant entity should ask for the valid version of Application form from CEC;应在申请时向认证机构索取申请书的最新有效版本;

Additional page could be attached if the space of column not enough;


The applicant entity should know all the certification principle and the content requirement of each item. 填写前应了解公开文件中有关认证程序规则和本申请书各项内容要求。

Please find the below information of CEC


To ensure the impartiality and independence of validation and verification activities as a DOE, as per requirements of the CDM Accreditation Standard, please specify if any related bodies of CEC has involved with the CDM project directly, to provide some service including consulting, training, research, analysis and measurement, environmental impact assessment etc.


□Yes是   □No否

Regarding CEC’s related bodies, please refer to the ” CEC Impartiality Statement & Declaration of Legal Responsibilities” available on CEC website:


1 Information of the project activities and service needed项目和服务信息


Sectoral scope专业领域

The applied technology of GHG emission reduction



Applied methodology and version



Sectoral scope and technical aspect



Information of project项目信息

Expected annual GHG emission reduction预计年减排量


Construction and operation situation



Project boundaries and sites (detailed to country, county and province) 项目位置


For validation application, please make sure that the PDD is provided along with this application form.对于审定申请,请确保项目PDD与申请表同时提供。


Transportation information for on-site audit现场审核交通信息

Time for each transportation means



Whether the on-site audit could be combined with other services or other projects现场审核是否可以与其他服务或其他项目一起进行


Issue for validation or verification


Has the PDD been published for global stakeholder consultation before



Whether actual emission reduction much more than estimated amount



Whether application to EB is needed


Deviation from the registered monitoring plan or methodology (If yes, please explain the reason)



Permanent changes from the registered monitoring plan or applied methodology (If yes, please explain the reason)



Notification of changes of registered PDD (If yes, please explain the reason)



Application of changes of registered PDD (If yes, please explain the reason)

注册PDD变化的申请 (如果是的话,请说明原因)


Time plan时间计划

Estimated date for submission of PDD/MR预计文件提交日期


Preferred date for publication on EB website希望的在EB网站公示日期


Preferred dates for on-site audit



Preferred date to complete the project



Estimated date for domestic LOA application



2. Information of project participants项目参与方信息


Persons or organizations engaged in financing of the project activity



Persons or organizations engaged in identification, development, and

CDM consultancy of the project activity



Project Participants



The host Party and its DNA





3. Other information need to be mentioned 其它需要说明的信息

Statement of Application Entity



After reviewing all the public documents of your company, I’d like to promise to accept your principles and regulations, and provide required information for assessment. Herby, I propose the formal application.


On behalf of my organization, I ensure the accuracy and correctness of all the materials in this application.





Signature of authorized signatory授权代表签字:                  

Date 日期:                  

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