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CEC Impartiality Policy and Statement

Date:2018/5/17 13:52:10

Column:Validation and Verification on GHG Emission Reductions

CEC Impartiality Policy and Statement
Impartiality Policy: 
Information publicly, Manner transparently, Work independently, No conflict of interest.
Impartiality Statement:
China Environmental United Certification Centre Co., Ltd(CEC) herein makes the following statement on CDM validation, verification and certification activities to ensure impartiality and independence: 
1. CEC abides by the related laws, regulations and decisions of UNFCCC to take validation, verification and certification activities based on the quality policy of credibility, independence, impartiality, transparency and non-discrimination; 
2. CEC abides by the regulations of COP/MOP and the EB to take validation, verification and certification activities within the sectoral scopes accredited by EB; 
3. CEC prepares sufficient resources, not for profit, providing CDM v/v activities with independent financial system, and never to be involved in other services which might affect the impartiality and independence of validation, verification and certification activities;
4. CEC establishes an Impartiality Committee to exert surveillance function, which is composed of different stakeholders with equivalent status and neither party is dominated;   
5. CEC is never been influenced by related organizations[*] and their affiliated organizations to ensure the impartiality and independence of validation and verification activities;
6. CEC has no conflict of interest with the higher authority; CEC will not accept any fund contribution which might affect the impartiality and independence of validation, verification and certification activities;
7. CEC is open to all project applicants without any additional financial or any other limits;
8. CEC discloses necessary documents via website;
9. CEC takes action to respond to any threats to its impartiality arising from the actions of other parts of the organization, persons outside of the organization, related bodies or organizations.
10. CEC ensures understanding of the policy to safeguard impartiality and implement these policy and procedures at all levels of the organization.
11. CEC maintains a professional environment and culture in the organization that ensure its personnel performed impartially.

[*] List of CEC’s Related Organizations
1. Center for Environment Education and Communication of MEE 
2. National Research Center for Environmental Analysis and Measurement of MEE 
3. Institute of Environmental Reference Materials of MEE (Beijing Huan Biao Ke Chuang Environmental Scientific Development Co., Ltd)
4. Environmental Management Research Institute
5. Beijing Guohuan Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd 
6. Environmental Certification Center of MEE
CEC Declaration of Legal Responsibilities
CEC is a certification body registered in Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce. It is established under the approval of Supervision Administration Committee on State Accreditation and Approval. I herein represent the Board to take charge of the CDM activities completely and make commitments as below: 
1、 Since establishment, CEC has not any pending judicial process for malpractice, fraud and/or other activities incompatible with the functions as an operational entity. CEC and all CEC employees have not entangled in any commercial, financial and other activities that may influence the entity’s judgment and impartiality.
2、 CEC abides by corresponding laws, regulations and rules of the state, and carry out activities under CDM Operational Entity according to international accreditation requirements and regulations, hence to promote global CDM development, to serve the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol, the commitment fulfillment of the Parties in Annexes I countries and the sustainable development of developing countries. 
3、 The central office of CEC is full responsible for v/v activities and decision-making regarding CDM validation, verification and certification, as well as quality assurance and control. CEC confirms no allocation of functions to other sites.
4、 The Board spares no efforts to support the effective running of its management system established to ensure the scientific implementation and impartiality of CDM related works, and takes legal responsibilities arising from activities in CEC.

Chair of Board:CHENG Chunming 

Note: This information is publicized in both English and Chinese. In the event of any conflict or ambiguity or discrepancy between the two versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.