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Brief Introduction of CEC Climate Change Business

Date:2018/9/19 14:08:06

Column:Validation and Verification on GHG Emission Reductions

China Environmental United Certification Center Co., Ltd. (hereafter as CEC) is a national professional third party certification body approved and accredited by Ministry of Environmental Protection (hereafter as MEP) and Certification and Accreditation Administration Committee of PRC (hereafter as CNCA), subordinate to the Environmental Development Center of MEP. In recent years, CEC is focusing on the national economic and social development closely, expanding the low carbon certification areas actively, innovating low carbon certification business model to meet the demand of government, industry and enterprise development for low carbon certification, display the improvement effect of low carbon certification towards energy conservation and pollution emissions reduction, sustainable economic development and social harmony progress.

in March 2009, CEC achieved the CDM designated operational entity (DOE) qualification which approved by the UNFCCC, became the first Chinese DOE accredited by UNFCCC EB, with 1-15 CDM sectoral scopes qualification, to provide GHG validation and verification/certification services all over the world. As a DOE with the most comprehensive business areas, CEC has been continuously abided and implemented the “Creditability, Independence, Impartiality, Transparency and Non-discrimination” as our policy of service toward our customers at home and abroad. By the middle of 2016, CEC has completed the registration and issuance for more than 400 CDM projects in China, Vietnam, Laos, north Korea etc., the projects are involved in hydropower, wind power, biomass energy, CMM, biogas, waste heat utilization and PoA projects, and create billions of yuan income for the project owners, the projects has achieved the CO2emission reductions of more than 40 million tons, which equivalent to more than 20 million tons of standard coal. The projects performance evaluation of CEC has ranked higher among global DOEs in the same period, effectively pushed forward the domestic development of CDM projects, promoted the national energy conservation and pollution emissions reduction work and the implementation of sustainable development strategy, obtained highly praises from related stakeholders, and made a positive contribution to response to global climate change.

In 2010, CEC obtained the qualification of specified validation and verification activities by international VCS, WCD and GS standard;

In September 2011, CEC achieved the national first batch third party qualification for energy saving audit approved by Ministry of Finance and National Development and Reform Commission(hereafter as NDRC), which allow CEC to perform the audit work independently for energy saving technical renovation projects and energy performance contracting projects across the country. In November 2011, CEC has been authorized as one of 14 audit organizations for energy performance contracting in Shanghai with the approval from Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information. Until now, CEC has completed dozens of projects for national and local energy saving and energy performance contracting, and has accumulated rich experience;

In 2012, CEC developed international cooperation and exchanges with other countries response to climate change actively, and joined the Asia Carbon Footprint Network, become one of the founding members of the network;

Since 2013, approved by Beijing City, Shanghai City, Guangdong Province, Anhui Province, Hubei Province, Shanxi Province, Shandong Province, Sichuan Province, Fujian Province, Jilin Province,Henan Province, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, CEC achieved the third party verification qualifications regarding carbon emissions trading in these provinces and cites continuously, and has started to carry out the carbon emission verification for key enterprises (units); by the end of Aug, 2016, CEC has provided carbon emission verification for more than 600 enterprises in provinces and cities;

Approved by NDRC in August 2013, CEC has been designated as the independent third-party for validation and verification of China Certified Emission Reduction programme (CCER programme), with the qualification for 1-15 CCER sectoral scopes. By the end of Aug, 2016, CEC has submitted 600 validation projects and 100 verification projects for stakeholder publication, and 280 of them have been approved by NDRC. CEC performs the first domestic CCER validation project, the first CCER verification project, the first CCER forestry carbon sinks project, and made outstanding contributions to the rapid development of national CCER.  

In addition, CEC is the technology supporting organization for response to climate change of Wuhan City.

CEC also is the third party for Beijing comprehensive publicity pilot of power demand side management projects. CEC has completed more than 40 verifications of Beijing comprehensive publicity pilot project of power demand side management;

CEC provides services on organization carbon inventory, product carbon footprint and carbon neutral to the society ; by the end of Aug, 2016, CEC researched and developed the core validation and verification technology for organization and product certification field, and applied to more than ten industries in China, conducted GHG verifications for more than 10 enterprises based on ISO14064-1, PAS2050 and PAS2060 standards, provided core technical support of GHG management to these enterprises.

Being as a technical supporting organization in the fields of sustainable consumption, environmental labelling, government green purchase, green supply chain, energy saving and environmental protection industry and low carbon product certification for MEP and CNCA, CEC has undertaken numbers of research in recent years, such as "11th five-year plan", "12th five-year" national science and technology support programs, soft science research programs and public welfare projects of MEP etc.  Since 2011, CEC is a key member of China Environment and Development International Cooperation Committee to develop related researches for "green supply chain", "sustainable consumption" "corporate social responsibility in the development of green", and the relevant research results submitted to the State Council directly. Meanwhile, CEC also develops voluntary carbon emission standard research and technology research, and research of corporate carbon strategy, carbon asset management etc., provides technical support and services for state and enterprises to response to climate change.

After years of development, CEC owns a professional, efficient, unity certification team, and has become one of the most authoritative certification organizations in domestic environmental, energy conservation and emissions reduction fields. In the field of GHG validation and verification, CEC not only accumulates valuable experience, and at the same time undertakes many international, national, sectoral and regional major researches, CEC has number of auditors and scientific research personnel with professional knowledge in the field of climate change, currently, CEC totally has more than 50 GHG auditors, more than 40 industry technical experts, and more than 30 researchers engaged in GHG research and carbon emissions research and management.


CEC climate change programme organization structure is as following:


CEC strictly abides by relevant state laws and regulations, and taking the international conventions as operational principles. CEC has established the quality policy of “creditability, independence, impartiality, transparency and non-discrimination” and the impartiality policy of “information publicly, manner transparently, work independently, avoid the conflict of interest”, set up a completed quality management system, and equipped with professional auditors and technical experts with management experience and professional background, to make its certification scientific, impartiality and effective.


Note:This information is publicized in both English and Chinese. In the event of any conflict or ambiguity or discrepancy between the two versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.