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Carbon Verification at Enterprise level

Date:2018/9/19 15:51:25

Column:Carbon Verification at Enterprise level

Carbon Verification at Enterprise level                                               

1GHG Emission Verification

Since 2013, the pilot Emission trading System (ETS) was launched in seven provinces and cities in China. CEC was qualified as third-party GHG emission verification body under domestic ETS. From 2013 to 2018, CEC carried out 1200 GHG emission verifications for those major enterprises in the ETS.

2 GHG emission inventory / Carbon neutralization

Since 2010, CEC started to carry out GHG emission inventory according to ISO14064-1 "quantitative and reporting standards and guidelines for greenhouse gas emission and clearance", GHG Protocol "greenhouse gas protocol: Enterprise Accounting and reporting standards", GHG protocol, etc. CEC has completed more than 100 enterprises’ GHG emission inventory of banking, manufacturing, building materials, real estate, metal processing and electronic industry. 

3Green factory / Green Park Evaluation

CEC performs independent and third-party assessment of Green Park and Green Factory, which is based on related regulation issued by MIIT. Up to now, CEC has assessed more than 100 factories and parks in Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Tianjin and other places.

4Assessment of Energy MS / GHG emission MS

By the construction and establishment of the energy management system / carbon management system, it is helpful for im

proving the efficiency of energy utilization and reduction of GHG emissions. Up to now, CEC has   assessed more than 50 enterprises’ energy MS / GHG emission MS.