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Certification for Low-carbon products

Date:2018/9/19 16:09:57

Column:Certification for Low-carbon products

Certification for Low-carbon products                                                

 Carbon footprint / carbon neutralization / carbon emission reduction product

CEC has compiled a number of local low-carbon developing standards such as the “implementation guideline for carbon neutralization of products”, the “implementation guideline for carbon neutralization of large-scale events” and the “implementation guideline for carbon footprint accounting of enterprises and institutions”.

CEC has performed assessment of organization/project/product/large-scale event carbon footprint / carbon neutralization.

In 2016, the first carbon-emission reduction public welfare product "carbon emission reduction public tea" certified by CEC was issued on market. It was claimed that producing a cake of pu’er tea, 409g carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced compared to baseline scenario as for pu’er tea manufacturing.