International cooperation

Global Ecolabelling Network(GEN)

Date:2017/01/09 11:24:05

Column:International organizations

CEC joined GEN in 2008. CEC General Manager Zhang Xiaodan has been being a director of GEN Council since 2012. To promote coordinated development of eco-labelling program of each country and reduce environmental and technical trade barriers, GEN launched GENICES in 2009, which is an international multilateral recognition mechanism under GEN framework. The members having passed GENICES review will sign mutual recognition agreement and could carry out eco-labelling mutual recognition with other members. At present, 17 countries and regions such as Australia, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei, Germany, Israel, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, North Europe, the United States, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand and Ukraine have passed GENICES review with a total of 21 environmental labeling agencies. Having passed GENICES review in 2012, CEC could conduct mutual recognition with the above agencies. At present, foreign agencies such as USGreen Sealentrust CEC for audit activities.