China-Japan-Korea Working Group on Environmental Labelling

Date:2017/01/09 01:01:03

Column:Mutual recognition of environmental labelling


There have been over 10 years for China-Japan-Korea cooperation on environmental labelling. They have signed the documents such as China-Japan-Korea Agreement on Certification Procedures for Mutual Recognition of Environmental Labelling and Rules on China-Japan-Korea Mutual Recognition of Environmental Labelling. China, Japan and Korea have jointly developed 8 eco-labelling common criteria for products such as computer, multifunctional machine (printer and copying machine), DVD, projector, stationery and paint since 2007. China-Japan-Korea Working Group Meeting is held once a year. The outcomes of the meeting will serve as important input for China-Japan-Korea Roundtable Meeting on Environmental Industry and Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting (TEMM).