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Substantial progress of China-Japan ecolabeling cooperation

Date:2019/11/18 04:46:16

Column:CEC news

The first China-Japan Ecolabel Mutual Recognition cooperation project was implemented recently. During the just-concluded International Workshop on Green Consumption & Celebration Activity of the 25th Anniversary of China Environmental Labelling, Ms. Zhang Xiaodan, General Manager of China Environmental United Certification Center (CEC) and Mr. Hidenori Yamagata, Managing Director of Japan Environment Association (JEA) jointly presented the medal to Riso Kagaku Corporation China Co., Ltd.

Over the past decade, China-Japan ecolabel cooperation achieved a lot, such as signed agreements on mutual recognition, identified the procedure and principles of mutual recognition and developed 2 common core criteria. In addition, they have developed 10 tripartite ecolabel criteria under China, Japan and Korea tripartite cooperation framework. China-Japan Ecolabel Common Core Criterion for “Digital Duplicator” was developed in August of 2019, and based on it CEC finished the certification of China environmental labeling for digital duplicator products of Riso Kagaku Corporation China Co., Ltd. within one month. 

The case of Riso, fully demonstrates that mutual recognition of ecolabel plays a guiding role in simplification of ecolabel certification for enterprises, promotion of green trade and international cooperation of ecolabel certification bodies.