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2019 Annual General Meeting of Global Ecolabeling Network held in Suzhou, China

Date:2019/11/18 04:50:30

Column:CEC news

2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Global Ecolabeling Network (GEN) was held in Suzhou China during October 20th-24th. This AGM was co-hosted by Environmental Development Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and GEN. China Environmental United Certification Center was responsible for implementation with strong support from UNEP China Office, International Green Purchasing Network (IGPN) and Environmental Defense Fund.

2019 AGM focused on ecolabel mutual cooperation among GEN members, ecolabel performances, communication and services certification etc. And a seminar on “Ecolabel and Green Procurement” was held to discuss their synergetic development. 2019 AGM coincided with the 25th anniversary of GEN; all participants reviewed the history of GEN and discussed the influence and role of GEN for the development of ecolabel in the world.

More than 80 participants including GEN members, IGPN members and related experts from nearly 40 countries and regions attended 2019 AGM. All participants also been invited to attend the International Symposium on Green Consumption - 25 Years of China Environmental Labeling Program. Witnessing the remarkable history and fruitful achievements of China Environmental Labelling over the past 25 years, the participants expressed their willingness of further cooperation with China to achieve green development of the world.