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China Environmental Labelling Program winning “Green Standard Forerunner of the B & R”

Date:2020/04/20 09:08:16

Column:CEC news

The First Green Productivity Forum of The Belt and Road was held on January 12th, 2020 in Beijing, China. Focusing on “Ecology, Green and Development”, this Forum awarded honorary title of Green Productivity Forerunner to 25 institutions conducting study and production on green standards, green products, green technologies and green national strength. Among them, China Environmental Labelling Program won the title of “Green Standards Forerunner of The Belt and Road”.

Adhering to the principle of Consultation, Contribution and Shared Benefits, China Environmental Labelling Program has carried out many projects on mutual recognition of environmental labelling program with countries alone “The Belt and Road” such as Singapore, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine and Cambodia over the past 25 years. These cooperation projects included building the capacity of environmental labelling in Cambodia, formulating China-Thailand common core criteria and developing more extensive communications based on GENICES. Experts from the forum commented that the success of bilateral and multi-lateral cooperation of China Environmental Labelling has implemented the “Open, Green and Honest” policy for the cooperation among the “The Belt and Road” countries, which has made positive contributions to green development of “The Belt and Road”.