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CEC performs the low carbon management assessment of Beijing 2022 Games

Date:2022/02/22 03:37:07

Column:CEC news

Achieving carbon neutrality” is the necessity for engaging in the concept of “Green Olympics”, also the commitment of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games (Beijing 2022 Games).
The Beijing Organizing Committee for 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games released the Low-carbon Management of the Beijing 2022 Games Pre-Games Report (2016-June 2021) on January 28, 2022. The Report systematically describes the low carbon management activities, focusing on carbon neutrality methodology, GHG emission baseline, GHG emissions during the preparation period, achievements of low carbon management measures, development of forest carbon sink project as well as verified emission reduction sponsored by enterprises for this Olympic Games. The report provides information on the overall low-carbon management programme that will enable the Beijing 2022 Games to be carbon neutral. China Environmental United Certification Center (CEC) performed independent verification on low-carbon management methodology, carbon accounting, emission reduction and carbon off-setting for the Beijing 2022 Games.
CEC has continuously undertaken the assessment of low carbon management of Beijing 2022 Games since 2017, including participating in the third-party evaluation and certification of low carbon management program, carbon neutrality program as well as the carbon sink forests for the Olympic Games. Moreover, CEC participated in formulating one of the intellectual assets of Beijing 2022 Games:(DB11/T 1892-2021), which engaged in the replicated assessment approach and made continuous efforts to facilitate the achievement of “Green Olympics”.
Giving its full play of expertise in low carbon management, CEC has provided technical support to achieve carbon neutral of the Beijing 2022 Games. Meanwhile, this Beijing 2022 Games will be the first to be carbon neutral, also are the first to have considered a broad range of emissions from the earliest stages of preparation, this will encourage for future games through the practice legacy which to pave the way of a “Green Olympics” world.
Low-carbon Management of the Beijing 2022 Games Pre-Games Report (2016 - June 2021)