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CEC completed 7 Ecolabel standards’ developmentrevision

Date:2021/03/01 04:17:52

Column:CEC news

In November, according to the National Environmental Protection Standards of China, CEC completed the development of 5 new standards of China Environmental Labelling, including:

In the newly developed standards, all focus on environmental elements involved in the product life cycle in accordance with ISO14024. Besides, Reclaimed rubber emphasizes the regeneration process and regeneration ratio, and Laundry service is concerned with environmental protection requirements in terms of service quality, business premises and conditions, washing equipment, washing supplies, management procedures, clean production and logistics etc.

The standards of ceramic tile and sanitary wares have increased the requirements of clean production of enterprises that pay fully attention to the environmental factors involved in the production process. Meanwhile, the requirements on the utilization rate of industrial waste residues and the limit of soluble lead and cadmium in products have been tightened. Also, the recovery rate of waste water from production process was supplemented.

These standards planned to be released after being approved by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment.