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The inaugurating meeting of CSES Sustainable ConsumptionProduction Committee held in Beijing

Date:2021/07/06 01:04:59

Column:CEC news

Key words: sustainable consumption and production; green; low carbon

With the aim to promote sustainable consumption and production, the Sustainable Consumption and Production Committee of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences (CSES-SCP Committee) was initiated and established by the Environmental Development Center of Ministry of Ecological and Environment (EDC). China Environmental United Certification Center (CEC) will undertake secretariat on behalf of EDC.

The inaugurating meeting of the CSES-SCP Committee was held on May 21st, 2021. More than 30 participants including representatives from Ministry of Ecological and Environment, as well as relevant research institutes, industrial associations, universities and famous enterprises attended the meeting.

The officer from the Ministry of Ecological and Environment noted, the CSES-SCP Committee will greatly facilitate green consumption and green production, provide strong support to the progress of environmental pollution prevention and control. The establishment of the CSES-SCP Committee will integrate production and consumption through the production-learning-study mode, build an interactive platform for SCP and ecological protection, which in turn promote the development of SCP theory and practice.

As the initiated organization of CSES-SCP Committee, EDC/CEC will focus the core issue of environmental protection on green, low carbon and circular development in the new phase of the “14th Five-Year Plan Economic and Social Development”. EDC will also fully support and facilitate the CSES-SCP Committee to play an important role in providing strong technical support to the pollution control and prevention, in particularly developing technical system for green and low-carbon development.

The meeting elected the management body of CSES-SCP Committee, discussed the operational mechanism, ways of showcasing its achievements and work plan of the next 5 years of the committee based on its objectives.